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Neither here nor there

We are just about to leave Ciudad Rodrigo for the last time. Actually we'll be here overnight but the Internet connection has been running slowly for the last couple of days and it may well disappear at midnight tonight.
Maggie has now been definitely confirmed for Cartagena though it looks as though the José Maria de Lapuerta school has taken the opportunity presented by a new member of staff to the Bilingual Project to shuffle people around. She is unlikely to get the age group that she hoped for and had been promised. It now looks as though it will be five year olds. Someone from the school rang her to say hello and welcome and the Education Authority rang to ask her to pop in to see them with various forms next week. Both are auspicious signs. For now my regular blog will be Life in Culebrón but expect to see bits and bats turning up on these pages as we go for a look see, start flat hunting etc.

Holding the fort

I currently have two opearating Google blogs - Life in Culebrón and Life in Ciudad Rodrigo - both of them are about the daily trivia of our expat lives here in Spain.
There are two because our house, our permanent home in Spain, is in the village of Culebrón near the town of Pinoso in Alicante province but we have been living in Ciudad Rodrigo in Salamanca province during the last year or so. It now looks as though Maggie, my partner, is going to be transferred to the town of Cartagena in Murcia so it seemed only sensible to bag the blog name now, just in case. Until we know more there will be no more entries on this blog, it's just possible the transfer will be to Albacete instead, but if you have stumbled across this blog why not have a look at our non adventure adventures on the other two sites?