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Keep it special, keep it secret

Maggie was looking at frocks or something in Zara and I was entertaining myself by staring at the chewing gum on the ground, reading posters and watching people go by.

The posters on the boarded up shop opposite were for some bands at a venue called Sala Stereo. I always like the idea of bands. On the few occasions that I get to see any I find the noise deafening, get bored after 10 minutes and don't think they sound anything like as good as Such and Such a band that I saw some 20 or 30 years ago.

Anyway Sala Stereo is safe. The bands they were advertising were for the 13th and 20th of March - long gone. Just in case I'd noticed them before the sell by date the organisers had wisely left out the address for the venue, the time of the performance and the entry price.

Maggie was still doing whatever it is that women do in clothes shops before deciding not to buy so I went around the block to see if the Byzantine Walls Museum was open. I was sure I'd read somewhere that they had an exhibition on at the moment.

The museum had no opening times outside nor did it have a poster for the exhibition. Actually I realised, as I looked around, that it didn't have a sign to say it was a museum either and, as it looks like a block of flats up a back alley (see photo), that's probably not going to boost the visitor figures. I walked away but I've just checked the website. There is an exhibiton but the website cannily avoids giving away the opening times either.

I bet it's something to do with being an opressed people for so long - under the authoritarian heel and what not. Keep all the information to yourself just in case.


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