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Back on the phone contract

The last post mentioned trying to change the details of the phone contract on the website. I tried several times. Someone who moderated a project I did at College about homelessness described my work as tenacious; a word I've used ever since to describe myself. Maggie, sticking with Hemingway in the "there's always a better and shorter word" sense tends to the word stubborn when describing me.

Anyway the website said no and continued to say no. It worked in that infuriating way where you complete the whole form then press the button to save changes at which point it dumps the lot and makes you start all over again. By the end I'd learned how the Movistar database deals with our, rather vague, up a track with no street name and two possible post codes, address. I went back to the shop to get them to change the address on their reseller's database which I can't access.

I spent 20 minutes explaining our address over and over to the young woman in the shop who may not have been old enough to ever leave the confines of Cartgena, maybe the occasional club in Murcia but certainly no dirt tracks amidst vineyards and olive trees. The reseller's database and the public database were not the same. I was confident of Caserío Culebron as the way to describe the house address - it means something a bit like hamlet - it was on my version of the database but on hers Aldea de Culebrón - it means something a bit like hamlet - had to do. She couldn't change the postal address though. Her database wouldn't allow that!


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Finding a house to rent in Spain is usually a pretty straightforward process. When I say house I really mean flat because, although it's not impossible to find houses in the middle of a town or city, by far the most usual style of dwelling for urban Spaniards is the flat.
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Where am I?

When I wrote the last post on this blog - Looking for a flat - I should really have written it on the Life in Culebrón blog because that's where I am at the moment.

In fact, apart from working in Cartagena it looks as though my links with the place are about to be cut. I am in the process of signing up for a flat in La Unión and the logic of naming the blogs must mean that the active ones are the places where I have a kettle. La Unión and El Culebrón.

There is a tab at the top of the page to navigate there or this is the link

Casting off

School term is over in Spain. It's summer. Nearly everyone from Cartagena is at the beach. The town is quiet and we are done, at least till the new academic year when I'll be back to do a bit more English teaching.

We've cleared everything from the flat. We've carted our belongings up the road to Culebrón. We've handed over the keys of the flat. So goodbye to town life for a while and goodbye to Cartagena till I get back there in hot and sticky September.

In the meanwhile you can follow our adventures (sic) at Life in Culebrón